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HelloEveryone! I am here with my first blog page. What have I been doing lately?!! Learning to use this laptop, choose a host, buy a domain name, dashboards, themes, plugins. The list goes on and on. It felt so exciting having a new website with so many wholehearted ideas storming around in my brain. Possibilities danced in my head. Then, the heartache of confusion began. Which blog ideas to trust and apply to my site's customization.

Scraping the Surface

As you can most likely can tell, I have only scraped the surface for getting this site running. My son helps me to understand some of the confusing things I'm not accustomed with. One afternoon, I installed a bunch of plugins after he left for work. I became excited at my finds. Things didn't quite look the same when he got home. Don't laugh! Well, I did try to deactivate a few of them. I spent time with my dashboard trying to get it back to where I had an understanding. I had fixed a list of what others thought to be important. I plugged in 'Simple SSL' to get the little green lock and to force the SSL to work properly, for if the wordpress one failed me. I decided to deactivate it when something popped up about a duplicate. I found a 'Smush' plugin to compress my videos and photos without losing any quality resolution. I hope to keep my site quick so I can get traffic. I tried to activate 'One Signal' which is a push notification, but something about installing e commerce first popped up. Learning The Ropes

I will have to say that fixing up a website and blogging on it is not as simple as it had been made out to be. Maybe fifteen minutes to blog after you learn the ropes to customizing your theme. And going on Canva to fix up photo layouts to do a logo or something to start me off doing Hersey's Chocolate Recipes!! Oh, my goodness!! It took me forever, but I have managed to come up with a few things I became excited over accomplishing!!! You basically need to keep pressing on the different areas to pop up where you want to load a photo or change the words. The more I experiment with Canva, the better I will get, hopefully.

At This Point

While, at this point, I am experimenting with different themes. My live published site looks better on some than others. Ashe, OceanWP, Crimson, Shopline, Store one, and Nerve are a few I have been practicing some of my experimental learning with. I have listened to utube about Ocean WP. Another swell theme that has explained a lot of the beginning features to customizing a website would be Ashe with the instructional videos to explain the unexplainable, confusing items. I found I can effortlessly insert my site stuff into different themes and preview them to decide which ones work with 'my creation' .


This Theme actually helped me learn about headers and menus. I never thought learning would be so tough. I think it is a good idea to know how to customize and manage several different sites for learning experience. I, now, have a few choices.

Positive Goals

I want to tell you all out there to not give up on your expectations, your goals, dreams. Be determined and keep your thoughts positive. Make yourself goals of what you would like to learn. Next, look either on Pinterest or the internet for ideas or utube to complete the learning for these goals. Maybe with a notebook and some colored tabs to label the sections, you could search for one subject at a time for what you are attempting to learn. This will hopefully help make your goals, dreams be more organized and easier to keep tract of. I had written in several writing tablets before doing this idea myself. Now I go to my colored tabs to find a theme about Nerve or Ocean WP. I set tabs for free stock, blogging ideas, plugins and other things of interest. This is one way I try to keep a positive organized outlook with learning computer stuff I am new to.

My Blogging R's

Look here for another of my wholehearted ideas that may help other newcomers out there. My Blogging R's. Maybe try a few of my 'My Blogging R's' for creating and learning with better success. The RIGHT time of day or night. Maybe pencil in quiet times to just sit and learn. Being able to relax and think is essential. Both the RIGHT desk and the RIGHT chair is important! You can't relax or concentrate on an uncomfortable wooden, old chair or at a table which is too low or too high. The RIGHT niche; a special place to create your thoughts and ideas. A place to hang up or keep your schedule, calendar, ideas. The RIGHT equipment consists of many options. Reading glasses. Computer, laptop, mobile phone or whatever devices you need. Good pens that suit your needs. Notebooks. Other use-able items or materials you think you need. A bookshelf, table or ledge of some sort to keep your items altogether. If nothing else, use a special bag. How about the RIGHT lights? Or the RIGHT scenery where you put your 'work' area at. My Blogging R's are only a few wholehearted ideas to help with making ideas.


Oh..another important item of knowledge!!! Your passwords. I have a new password for just about everything I have installed on the laptop. I found a wonderful workbook for monthly and weekly planning with note, contact and PASSWORDS RECORDS pages!!! Perfect for getting started and helps me keep up with all my passwords I had fun creating to help improve keeping my stuff safe. I found my black scheduling book at Walmart.

Mentioned Items

The tabs and notebook I mentioned earlier…I also found them at our friendly Wally World..Walmart!! The notebook folders in between sections and the paper is thicker than most which makes it harder to tear out of my notebook. I believe the brand name is Exceed. I purchased two different sized kinds of tabs to meet my needs. The smaller ones I can tab or bookmark spots in my notebook. The larger tabs will help to categorize my items in each notebook sections.

Wholehearted Ideas

These are only a few of my wholehearted ideas I hope my ideas will somehow benefit your needs and make your progress more successful. The ideas I am displaying to you are ideas I have found to work for myself. Maybe, figure out what the RIGHT Blogging R's are for your needs and happy adventure exploring and creating to further your knowledge to a better success.
Thank you for reading my first blog.
Thank you for visiting my website . Aunt Sis