My Disclosure Policy

I am Aunt Sis with This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. Although you may find things which contain my honest thoughts, ideas, or opinions……..I do not call myself a professional. If you decide to look at my links, blogs, posts, or products I may affiliate with, I will not be held liable for any financial, physical, or other legal issues you may occur from reading, purchasing or trying anything on my blogs, my thoughts, ideas, posts or pins that are either mine or other things that I may decide to share with you. What you do with ideas you find will be your responsibility to respond with sound judgement. The bits and pieces of compensation I will or may receive will never replace honesty in the content, topics, or posts made in this blog, my thoughts, or my ideas which I present to you. If I receive any compensation for products or services, I will provide a wholehearted honest opinion on products or services for only those which I believe and trust to be worthy of being endorsed. And should I generate and sell something I, myself, believe in or through a third party in the form of advertisements or network, these advertisements will be identified as paid advertisements. Any product, statistics, quotes, claims or other representation about either a product or a service provided should always be verified with the manufacturer or provider to access additional information to form your own opinions and advice on the product or service. Please take into consideration anything you find in my blogs, thoughts or ideas that are either my own or another’s that I may share with you. This blog may or may not contain content which might present a conflict of interest. This content may not always be identified. Once again, let me remind you to take caution with anyone’s ideas that you find. Everything in life is formed from an idea. Some ideas can be trusted and other ideas shouldn’t be allowed to be read. Ideas are essential to life and you should remember to use them with common sense and make good decisions with what you know. Pieces and parts of my Disclosure statement I found in Please feel free to explore on my website. THANKS FOR STOPPING FOR A VISIT!!!